Endless roll type of helical type corrugated tube, which is approved by UL(USA), RWTUV(Germany) and is certified only as a quality product with NET, KS(KSD3628) by the Korean government, is the ideal product for a heat exchanger.

The plate pincoil for a heat exchanger is expensive as its manufacturing process is very complicated, and weak in corrosion.
Hence, it is increasingly replaced by the helical type corrugated tubes for a heat exchanger developed by Dong-A, which has a narrow-pitch, and a higher peak. (Product specifications are subject to the customers’ particulars.)

  • Heat-exchanger Coil (Ø 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″,1 1/4″,1 1/2″,2″)

Welding type for steel tank

Screw type for plastic tank

  • Cross Cut View of Heat Exchanger Socket

※ Storage tank connector for Welding type leading pipe (For Steel tank)

※ Storage tank connector for Screw type leading pipe (For Synthetic resin tank)

Standard specification of Tube for Heat exchanger coil and Solar collector tube