• Superiority
  • We are using AISI 304 or 316L pipe (stainless steel pipe for the general piping with KSD 3595) which are excellent for durability and corrosion resistance in order to form the corrugation and then we perform the heat-treatment solution.
    So they are the best hygienic piping materials.
  • They are very economical piping materials that can reduce the construction period.
  • As thick flexible pipes, they are piping materials with good function of absorbing shocks from earthquake, ground subsidence, and vibration.
  • As no elbows are adopted, there is no leakage of water and they can be bent with bare hands and can be easily used for any construction situations.
  • Freeze and burst prevention pipe
  • Reliable products whose quality has been proved by the Korean and Japanese government

It is also used for steering wheel or EGR piping for automobile.
As per customer’ requests, the products can be PE coated or silicone coated.

For under ground

  • Product Specification (KS B1508, JWWA G119, Taiwan water works Association, KWWA Certification)