Technology Properties

Continuous welding & heat-treatment technology. Dong-A’s innovative welding technology allows us to weld stainless steel tube making the most possibly narrow welded joint, and use the heat and argon gas from welding process to apply heat treatment on welding line only.

Technology to minimize the cold-work hardening and optimize the forming process condition.

Metal corrugation buckling forming technology to keep tube thickness with 0% rate of charge on corrugation valley and ridge.

Technology of the optimized heat treatment condition for Austnite stainless steel tube.

Stainless Steel solution heat treatment technology for stable heat treatment regardless of manufacturing condition (air temperature, thermal capacity of material), and double effective & productive manufacturing

Brazing welding technology to apply solution heat treatment and welding connection on corrugated tube at the same time

Corrosion proof technology for AISI 304 corrugated stainless steel tubes.

Know-how of corrosion mechanism and technology to prevent surface corrosion of corrugated stainless steel tubes.

Technology to maintain high grade of stainless steel corrugated tubes.

Dong-A’s technologies above have been trusted the most innovative and advanced technology by announcing 9 academic theses on the journal of Corrosion Science Society of Korea and the journal of the Korean Sociery of Safety, which are from solid industry-academy cooperation between Dong-A Flexible Metal Tubes Co., Ltd., research institute and science/engineering college of distinguished university.